Evans Regatta
Windjammers Sailing Club – Flet 112
Suamico, Wisconsin
August 12–13, 2017
Pos Boat# Skipper Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Drop Total
1 14911 Mike Tennity Ross Bailey, Nancy Bailey 2 1 4 8 3 3 1 8 14
2 14880 Craig Pomeroy Matt Weklar, Tori Strutz 1 7 3 5 7 2 3 7 21
3 15158 Peter Orlebeke Kim Orlebeke, Kayley Orlebeke 3 4 5 3 5 1 12 12 21
4 14499 Alex Cox Cleb VanderPloeg, Shaun Boyle 4 2 2 6 4 5 6 6 23
5 15137 Steve Adamski Krystal Dorn, Christina Leiterman 5 5 9 2 1 7 4 9 24
6 13187 Brian Phelan  Mari Martin, Dave Eserkaln 6 9 1 1 10 6 2 10 25
7 15567 Hans Graf Jonathan Meins, John Olig 8 8 6 4 2 10 5 10 33
8 15191 Brian Cox Scotia Evans, Travis Halls 7 3 8 10 6 8 7 10 39
9 14994 Dan Reichelsdorfer Joan Nocenti, Barb Strutz 11 6 11 7 11 4 8 11 47
10 15005 Doug Olson Nicole Wetteman, Matt K. 10 10 7 11 8 9 9 11 53
11 14106 Walter Nickerson Oliver, ? 9 11 10 9 9 11 10 11 58

A couple of days before the Evans Regatta, Will Evans from Thunder Bay had to cancel so we cast around for a third and received a great invite from Mike Tennity. Nancy and I could come to Green Bay, stay at Mike’s house, and sail his boat, as long as Mike was part of the crew. What could be better. We didn’t have to tow a boat or do any rigging, and we’d get to see someone else’s ideas on setting up a Lightning. We left Thunder Bay at noon and arrived at Mike’s house about 10 pm for a pleasant if lengthy tow free drive.

After a brief wait on shore, a pleasant but shifty breeze filled in with left over slop to keep things difficult. Mike has his boat rigged in minimalist fashion, such as no guy cleats at the shrouds and the spinnaker pole stored on the boom, but after fiddling a bit with lead position and practicing a few gybes, we felt we were ready. I’d steer, Mike would be middle man and Nancy would do front.

The breeze was quite patchy so our angles were ever changing, but we seemed to have good speed and when in a patch, pointed very nicely. Downwind we worked hard to keep our angles at least warm with Mike’s great chute work. It was a pleasure to sail with a really good sailor. Nancy helped us climb our way down through the puffs and keep our air clear.

A very good race committee gave us 5 races on Saturday and very tight scores. We were tied for 1st with Alex Cox, also from Thunder Bay and Orlebeke, Adamski and Pomeroy only points back. We did have an 8th as a throw out if there was wind on Sunday. I had been shy of the lay line in race 4, hoping for a lift but the reality was a stream of boats rolling over us and around the mark, leaving us to gybe away and round last. We were lucky to catch a few boats before the finish.

The Windjammer Club had a wonderful supper Saturday evening and an open bar! I tried not to abuse the bar too much, but made up with a very full dinner. Doug Olson bar-b-qued corn on the cob and it was fantastic. Hot too. We all had a great time and may I encourage everyone to attend the Evans next year. We are a 10 hour drive and it is worth every mile. I think even the Montreal guys can get there in 10 hours.

Sunday a beautiful breeze filled in from generally the south, and the race committee gave us the two promised races. Peter Orlebeke won the first race with us third and Craig Pomeroy second. Now the points were really close. However, on the run to the finish of the last race, we were able to hold off a hard charging Brian Phelan (Martin) and Craig Pomeroy to win the regatta. Thank you very much Mike for letting Nancy and I sail your boat with you, and thank you very much to the whole Windjammer Club. You have a great facility and it sure was fun sailing with you.

Ross Bailey