Bruce Goldsmith Memorial Regatta
Devils Lake Yacht Club – Fleet 51
Manitou Beach, Michigan
September 16–17, 2017
Pos Sail# Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R4 R6 Total
1 15210 Sjoerd-Jan Vanderhorst 2 1 1 D6 1 2 7
2 15470 George Sipel 4 D6 2 1 2 3 12
3 14818

Craig Gabel

1 2 4 2 D10 4 13
4 14690 Nick Harris 5 7 D9 5 5 1 23
5 15513 Trey Rose 3 3 8 3 D9 7 24
6 14774 Tom Vickers 6 5 3 D7 6 5 25
7 5470 Ian Mackay D10 4 5 8 3 6 26
8 14830 Dave Laidlaw 7 9 D13 4 4 8 32
9 14884 Ryan Mable 8 8 7 9 8 D9 40
10 10638 Jon Cousino 11 10 6 10 D12 11 48
11 14856 Mike Williams 9 11 9 11 11 D13 51
12 13959 Jeff Clomes 12 D13 13 12 7 10 54

The Bruce Goldsmith Memorial Regatta at Devils Lake Yacht Club was last weekend it and was a real hoot! The racing was challenging, but whether you won our lost, we all had a great time on land! The Spinnaker Pole Sip-n-Dip challenge was a highlight of the night again. The Ninjas couldn't pull out a win again, unfortunately, and I believe it might have actually been a Sunfish team that took the win! Guess we'll all have to brush up on our skills the week before so that we don't let that happen again!

Gail (sunfish sailor) took over 500 pictures and has them posted on facebook, which you can view here: 

Report from DLYC winner, Surge Vanderhorst:

The Bruce Goldsmith Memorial Regatta is always a special one for us – and this year even more so as my wife, Kathy, our 12 year old daughter, Annika, and I were racing our first regatta in our new-to-us Lightning, 15210. I’ve raced Lightnings for years, always borrowing boats. In fact, I once sailed a season in Bruce Goldsmith’s boat that he let me borrow, so it was really great to finally be racing in our own boat.  The regatta has always been one where we bring the kids and everyone gets a chance to sail, similar to how Bruin used to get people into the sport. I remember sailing on Bruce’s J/29 at club races at North Cape where he’d bring anyone who wanted to go for a boat ride along to get them out sailing.

With light and shifty breeze on Saturday, racing was challenging. We had 3 races and the race management did a great job adjusting to the shifty conditions, keeping the courses as true as possible, which was not easy.  The first races proved it was going to be a close regatta with Craig Gabel (sailing with Glenn Hummel and switching out Gage (9) and Grace (12) between races) finishing 1,2 and Trey Rose finishing 3,3. We started with a 2,1. The racing was very close and if you missed a shift you could lose a ton of boats. The final race of the day was another shifty one. We ended up winning with George Sipel in 2nd and Tom Vickers finishing 3rd. When we got off the water, the club welcomed us with a keg and offered a great chili cook-off dinner. Between sets of the live music, competitors took part in a crazy spinnaker pole stinger shot competition. I will not expand on that because you will need to be there to witness it and participate next year. You will not be disappointed.

Conditions improved on Sunday with more breeze, but it was up and down meaning we had to constantly shift gears. The initial plan was 2 races because the forecast was for lighter breeze and we’d be fortunate to get 2 in, but the forecast couldn’t have been more wrong. It was champagne sailing conditions, with times all 3 on the rail and we ended up with 3 races. We started the day with a poor start and with the competition being so tight, we were only able to salvage a 6th making the regatta open for anyone to win. George Sipel won the race with Craig Gabel finishing second and Trey Rose finishing 3rd.  The final race was won by Nick Harris who lead all around. Nick brought brand new crew and I am sure they are hooked on sailing after that final race of the weekend! George Sipel, posting a consistent 1,2,3, won the day.

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