Connecticut/Rhode Island Junior District Championship
& Area B Sears Qualifier
Niantic Bay Yacht Club – Fleet 85
Niantic, Connecticut
June 30 – July 1, 2017
Pos Competitors Affiliation R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total
1 Chris Lukens, Timothy "TJ" Danilek, Pierce Ornstein Riverside YC 2 (3) 2 1 1 2 1 9
2 Parker Colantuono, Amelia Reed, Jackie Morrison Sail Newport 1 2 1 (3) 3 1 2 10
3 Zach Champney, Peter Cronin, Alex Hughes Mudratz 3 1 3 4 2 4 (6) 17
4 Eric Dowd, Nicholas Hein, William O'Leary American YC 4 4 4 (5) 5 3 3 23
5 Lisa Spalding, Evan Spalding, Iain Jaeger Mudratz 5 5 (6) 2 4 6 4 26
6 Alex Wilcenski, Daniel Strebel, Matthew Linehan Westhampton YS (6) 6 5 6 6 5 5 33

July 1 photos and video:

July 1 Drone video:

Dave Perry Clinic - Photos by Julia Cronin

Dave Perry Clinic

Dave Perry's training videos

Lukens/Danilek/ Ornstein Best the CT/RI Lightning Jr. District and Chubb Area B Triplehanded Championship (Niantic, CT, June 30 and July 1, 2017)  The stars aligned over Niantic Bay June 30 and July 1, 2017 for a two-day event hosted by Niantic Bay Yacht Club.
Day 1 included a clinic, practice racing, and video debrief by 5 time U.S. Match Racing Champion and Chief Rules Judge Dave Perry with guest appearances by current lightning district champion Dave Peck and Lightning expert Randy Shore.  The clinic began on land with a demonstration of the nuances that make good teams great, and the details that make great teams champions.  Perry, Peck, and Shore covered mast tuning, the synergistic interplay between the backstay, wire, and sheet controls, and the subtleties of sail trim.  Then it was on the water for 2 hours of training under the megaphone of Coach Perry, and 2 hours of practice racing, to be revisited in a video debrief. 

6 junior teams participated, using borrowed boats provided by Niantic’s Lightning Fleet 85.  When the covers came off the next expression was awe.  “Yo, dude, these Lightnings are sick” was the immediate reaction of Mudrat Alex Hughes.  Day 1 concluded with a gourmet cookout by Chef Carol Faye of Niantic’s Slipper Shell Galley. 

Day 2 was dedicated to championship racing.  Niantic Bay’s crack RC hammered out 7 back-to-back “no rest for the weary” races.  This was a national qualifier, after all, and no wimping out to the I, U, or Z flags by this RC.  “X” was all they needed.  Early on, Parker Colantuono, Amelia Reed, and Jackie Morrison, sailing “More Cowbell,” were looking very strong, with 1-2-1 for races 1 to 3.  Mudratz Zach Champney, Peter Cronin, and Alex Hughes in the “Shakin’, not stirred” boat were also placing well, taking the gun in race 2.  Then Chris Lukens, Timothy "TJ" Danilek, and Pierce Ornstein found their mojo putting in 1-1-2 for races 4, 5, and 6.  So going into the 7th race the Lukens and Colantuono teams were in the hunt for the podium, tied with 8 points, and the American Yacht Club team of Eric Dowd, Nicholas Hein, William O'Leary were just 2 points over Mudratz Lisa Spalding, Evan Spalding, and Iain Jaeger.  Better still the breeze was building, so much so the drone had to head for shore.  Chris Lukens’ team from Riverside YC prevailed, earning the right to proceed to nationals.