Pos Sail# Skipper Crew #1 Crew #2 Club/Fleet R1 Total
1 14925 Mike Brock Nate Ireland Bridget Ireland 303 Cowan Lake 1 1
2 14987 Don Schregardus Joe Zubelik Klay Redman 27 Leatherlips 2 2
3 14897 Kurt Andrews Mike Mirarchi Andy Creame,
Becky Young
23 Indian Lake 3 3
4 14952 Tom Varley Jon Varley Matt Buchanan 150 Mansfield 4 4
5 15172 James Taylor Carl Taylor George Auer 303 Cowan Lake 5 5
6 14390 Jim Stone Ed Auer Marty Calabrese 150 Mansfield 6 6
7 14216 Lisa Austin Zachary Austin Scott Dillon 150 Mansfield 7 7
8 14067 Bob Shutt Tonja Newmeyer Scott Newmeyer 150 Mansfield 8 8
9 14824 Rick Berry Reagan Roby Sam Hahn 150 Mansfield 9 9
10 14433 Dave Samanich Joe Christopher Rob Graebert 150 Mansfield 10 10

The twenty-second bare Bones was a drifter and a real disappointment. Racing started on time at 1:00 PM under the able direction of the race committee chairman, Don Bacharowski. However there was little or no wind and the first race was shortened to one lap. Don decided that there would be no more racing that day.

A wise decision. Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and again with no wind, so racing was abandoned. So we had a one race regatta.

The winner was Mike Brock from Cowan Lake, Don Schregardus from Leatherlips was second, Kurt Andrews from Indian Lake was third and Tom Varley from Mansfield was fourth. We had five visiting boats from all fleets in the district and seven boats from Fleet 150 in Mansfield.

We should recognize Don Bacharowski for his excellent running of the race committee under very trying conditions. He gave up a crewing slot with Bob Shutt to take over at very short notice. Thanks also to all the support crew from Mansfield Sailing Club for making the regatta a success for the participants despite the poor sailing conditions.