25th Anniversary Spring Classic Regatta
Pymatuning Yacht Club - Fleet 36
Jamestown, Pennsylvania
May 16-17, 2009
Pos Bow# Skipper Crew Sail# R1 R2 R3 Total Home Fleet
1 24 Dan Moriarty Tobi Moriarty Stu Fisher 15364 7 1 1 9 Carlyle Sailing Association
2 31 Jamie Allen Jay Deakin, Marc Littee 14905 2 4 3 9 Montreal
3 11 Allan Terhune Jr. Katie Terhune, Neal Fowler 15353 4 9 4 17 Easport YC
4 44 Todd Wake Kristine Wake, Matt Burridge 15390 15 3 2 20 Wisconsin
5 45 Matt Fisher Lisa Fisher, Rick Kirby 15045 1 2 19 22 Hoover
6 33 Debbie Probst Greg Fisher, JoAnn Fisher 15251 5 14 6 25 BCC
7 26 Larry MacDonald Christine Maloney, Adam MacDonald 15246 8 13 5 26 BCC
8 88 Tim Werley Tom Allen, Ben Goldberg 15000 14 7 7 28 Pymatuning
9 30 George Sipel Jeff Hagman, Suzie Wulff 14249 10 5 14 29 42
10 57 Ryan Ruhlman Nick Turney, Amanda Fisher 14957 16 10 8 34 Pymatuning
11 32 Dan Thompson John Moulthrop, Mike Healy 15406 6 18 10 34
12 75 Rob Ruhlman Abby Ruhlman, Emily Pulows 15257 20 6 12 38 Pymatuning
13 25 Jody Starck Bill Faude, Kevin Robinson 15125 3 21 16 40 BCC
14 35 Jed Dogde Bob King, Sarah Costich 15164 11 8 25 44 108
15 36 Justin Coplan Kenny Fourspring, Mike Carney 14036 9 27 11 47 Nyack 75
16 51 Meagan Ruhlman Jesse Shedden, Nicole Shedden 15075 24 11 15 50 Pymatuning
17 28 Dave Vieregg John Dunne, Caroline Sundman 15288 13 15 23 51 Pymatuning
18 50 Daniel Pope John Steiner, Logan McReynolds 15250 12 19 22 53 Newport
19 14 Patrick Zachary Kika Bronger, Greg Beshore 14972 19 12 24 55 Vermont 301
20 17 John Faus Matty Schon, Cortney Lee 15345 17 17 28 62 335
21 22 Charles Wardwell Colin Bedell, Stephanie Sweeney 14044 21 25 18 64 FBYC
22 15 John Werley Bertie Werley, Gwen Mulvey 15015 23 30 13 66 Pymatuning
23 12 David Werley Jonette Werley, Greg Maras 15112 27 23 17 67 Pymatuning
24 2 Steve Weeber Donna Weeber, Stan Cummins 15217 25 20 26 71 Cowan Lake
25 34 Dave Starck Matt Moscah, Brian Starck 15355 DNF 16 9 72 BCC
26 6 John Woodall Steve White, Pete Milani 14573 18 34 27 79 Pymatuning
27 20 Tom Varley Kay Varley, Jon Varley 14952 30 32 20 82 Mansfield 150
28 27 Trevor Prior Gary Hoffer, Danielle Prior 14074 31 22 29 82 Susquehanna YC
29 9 Graham Leonard Griffin Orr, Bev Veeles 15379 32 31 21 84 225
30 5 Michael Holly Pat Littee, Jess Lombard 15082 29 24 35 88 Beaconsfield
31 1 Brad Wagnon Bill Allen, Bryon Bahler 15259 22 26 41 89 154
32 21 Jack Jones John Atkins, George Auer 15121 33 29 33 95 Henderson Harbor
33 39 Dan Hertzer Jan Friswold, Bob Friswold 14848 26 28 42 96
34 4 Dean Caley Kandi Caley, Kay Sees 14420 28 36 38 102 Pymatuning
35 23 Bob Shutt Zach Austin, Sean Dillon 14067 36 33 34 103 Mansfield 150
36 29 Steve Cox Peter Hale, Sandra Kennedy 14580 37 38 30 105 Silver Lake
37 18 Joy MacDonald Maddie Maldron, Kathryn Maloney 14895 35 37 36 108 BCC
38 3 Lenny Ciccone Tom Petroski, Marc Cline 14523 40 40 32 112 Pymatuning
39 8 Bob Baumgardner Cody Signor, Nate Signor 12593 34 39 40 113 Pymatuning
40 00 Kate/Beth Werley Beth/Kate Werley, Samantha Maras 15018 38 35 43 116 Pymatuning
41 41 Jim Stone Marty Calabrese, Ed Auer 14390 39 41 39 119 Akron
42 37 Garry Condon Dennis McLaughlin, Liam Condon 15022 DNF DNS 31 125 Pymatuning
43 16 Eric Brandt Becky Young, Stan Fuller 15191 DNF DNS 37 131 Leatherlips
44 13 Victor Maras Adam Maras, Cameron Maras 14546 DNS DNS DNS 141 Pymatuning
45 19 Justin Proctor Laura Stumpff, Christian Proctor 14657 DNS DNS DNS 141 Pymatuning
46 10 Mark Grinder Anne Montgomery, Greg Schawlk 15272 DNF DNF DNS 141 12

As we packed up and left the Spring Classic in 2008 we were told to come back because 2009 would be the 25th Anniversary of the regatta and the event was going to be “Bigger and Better”.  I had to see it.  How could they make the event bigger and better?  It was always such a fun regatta run in an “old school” sort of way.  When one goes to a regatta at Pymatuning, they won’t find the yacht club with hired help and a fully staffed kitchen.  PYC has a ton of members who want to help out to show their guests a good time.  With the hot-lunches to the homemade dinner, pot luck appetizers, music, free flowing kegs, and a place to stay in somebody’s “home”, life is easy for the guests, but the members of PYC put forth an amazing amount of work.  How could they do more?! 

As Friday night’s entertainment, a band of local club members, played on, we ate hot-dogs, helped drain the kegs, and talked to friends as everybody arrived to the club.  It was amazing how many boats were coming to this regatta.  Apparently we were not the only ones who heard the “Bigger and Better” news.

Stuart Fisher took some time off of his MC-scow campaign and sailed this Spring Classic Regatta with us this year.  Although growing up in the Fisher family, Stu had not done much Lightning racing so far in his 15 years of life.  When we set the chute on the way to the starting line, the response we got from Stu was, “Wow, this thing is huge compared to the spinnaker on the Interlake.”  With the building breeze and a full day of racing ahead of us, Dan and I laughed knowing that Stu would have a full appreciation for the Lightning spinnaker before the weekend was over.  Stu came with a great sense of boat-balance and finesse so he plugged into our Lightning team nicely.  All three of us are inland lake sailors.  Pymatuning definitely fits the inland- lake profile with plenty of shifts and puffs to keep the beats exciting.  We just had to keep our eyes out for the next puff and be ready to react to it when it hit.

Race one went off in lots of breeze.  We rolled off the weather-end of the starting line with decent speed and after a few clearing tacks, we were able catch the lefty we noticed before the races at the top of the course.  Ah, the port tack layline of a 10 minute beat in at 46 boat fleet; so far we were not boring our 15 year old team-mate!  Fortunately we made it around the mark without any confrontation and were happy to see that we were in the top-10 pack.  We tried to stay in the puffs going down wind feeling the squeeze between Debbie Probst and Larry MacDonald.  David Starck had a spectacular wipe-out right in front of us on the second run.  We were sad to hear that he bent is spreader, but for us, it ranked up there in memorable moments to see.  I would love to know exactly what went through Stu’s head as he saw that death-roll while he held the spin sheet (and our fate) in his own hands.  We finished that race in seventh place.  Stu’s parents, Matt and Lisa Fisher with their teammate, Rick Kirby, won the race.  Jamie Allen came in second, and Jody Starck was in third.  Although we placed second in this regatta last year, there was more competition for the 25th Anniversary, so top five was a good goal for us.  The seven would be a keeper, but we needed to try to step it up a bit next race. 

Despite the carnage of boats tipped over, the race-committee got the second race off before lunch.  In the last minute before the start, we were making our way back to the boat-end of the line when a huge hole and sag in the line lured Dan to tack and “go for it”.  When the starting gun blew, we were going full speed in our own, gigantic lane.  We played into the left side of the beat and got to the first mark first.  We were followed around the weather mark by Stu’s parents who were in second, and Ryan Ruhlman’s team of Nick Turney and Amanda Fisher (yes, Stu’s sister) in third.  Talk about a nice place for a family reunion!  We maintained our lead throughout the race followed closely by many.  Matt Fisher (Stu’s Dad) finished the race in second.  Todd Wake with his new boat, orange spinnaker, and teammates Kristine Wake and Matt Burridge finished in third place.  I think Stu enjoyed beating his parents this time.  The win was definitely going to help with our top-five goal.
The fleet went in for lunch.  The hot ham and cheese are, alone, worth the 10 hour drive to Pymatuning.  The wind built and died and the rain came and went with the passing storms during the lunch-break.  I was happy to socialize with my friends while the RC had the tough decision of when to resume the races.

The third race was sailed in wind which had clocked around to the right while we were at lunch.  It was still plenty shifty and puffy and we found our way to a right shift which helped us get to the first weather mark in second.  The fleet was very tight and the group seemed to sail higher angle than we wanted to on the run.  I couldn’t find Dan a lane with clear air so we instead found a puff to gibe to and managed to clear away from the peloton just behind us.  At the bottom of the next beat we marched out to the right with Larry McDonnald and David Starck, but eventually left them and crossed to the left to catch the next breeze line coming from the harbor.  With the good luck of playing the second beat well, we took the lead and obtained a nice cushion before the following boats.  The crash-boat at the weather mark cheered for us and suggested we crack a beer for the run.  That sounded like a great idea to me, but my skipper had not packed us a cooler, so we just had some water and let Stu work his magic with the spinnaker.  We held onto the lead and won another race!  That was really fun.  We sailed around waiting for the RC to re-arrange the race course again.  The passing storms were definitely playing havoc on them finding a wind direction.  More wind and rain came with the next group of clouds, which lead the fleet to the harbor.  Although the race had not officially been called, the fleet voted by hoisting the boats and rolling sails.  It was apparently time to move onto the cocktail hour.

The free-massages (yes, another part of the “Bigger and Better”) were enjoyed by a large number of people while the PYC members arrived with pot-luck items, the full bar was set up, and the band prepared for the nights music.  The home-made Chicken Parmesan dinner was amazing and dinner morphed right into the party.  The number of juniors at the event was great.  The juniors and the “junior-at-heart” did a good job keeping the party going.  We watched, danced, and socialized until the band played their ninth “last song” and finally called it a night.  Dan and I didn’t make it to Ryan Ruhlman’s after-party either night, but from what I understand, it sounded like more fun was had by many into the wee hours. 

At the cocktail hour we learned that we were tied for first with Jamie Allen from Montreal and his team of Jay Deakin and Marc Littee.  That was exciting news.  Since we had that seventh, I wasn’t sure we would have placed so high.  Jamie told Dan that our two bullets made our scores look “sexier” than his.  While we found humor in that statement, the “sexy scores” were beating Jamie in the tie breaker so we were winning (yeah!)
We woke up to mid-forty degree temps and big, building wind on Sunday morning.  The fleet suited up into all of their cold-weather sailing apparel but nobody was putting boats in the water yet.  The RC and regatta organizers discussed the conditions and decided to call off the races.  The low temps and big breeze was not a good combo for the fleet so we packed up and hit the road early.  Do they ever sail on Sunday at the Spring Classic?  We will keep coming back to find out.

The awards ceremony was entertaining.  Bertie Werley read the list of who did what to make the “Bigger and Better” 25th Anniversary Spring Classic Regatta such a success.  I was amazed to hear just how many PYC members are willing to step up to work and/or sponsor the event.  Bertie did an impressive job organizing them all while smiling the entire weekend.  That is one amazing chick!  Addison Fisher pulled the winning name out for the free set of North Sails drawing.  $500 was raised for the Boat Grant Program.  There were several Boat-Grant and former Boat-Grant sailors competing in the Spring Classic, reminding us of the many reasons why the program is so great.  The raffle winner, Frederick Wright, did not attend the 2009 Spring Classic, but he was contacted about his luck despite the “must be present to win” chants from the crowd.  Although tempted, Dan declined Jamie Allen’s offer to break the regatta tie with a “dance-off”, so Dan, Stu, and I won the 25th Anniversary Spring Classic.  Jamie Allen, Jay Deakin, and Marc Littee were second, Allen Terhune with his teammates Katie Terhune and Neal Fowler were third.  We look forward to returning to PYC next year for more fun both on Lake Pymatuning and in the trailer-park (I mean Yacht Club).

Toby Moriarty