Metropolitan District Championship
Magnus Pederson Regatta
Nyack Boat Club - Fleet 75
Nyack, New York
June 13-14, 2009
Pos Districts Pos Sail# Skipper Crew Club Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 1 14036 Coplan, Justin Mike Carney, Alex Feldman Nyack 9 2 1 4 1 1
2 15380 Crane, Jim Kelly Crane, Brenda Crane Noroton 9 1 3 1 2 2
3 2 14888 Sengstacken, Bob Daniel Zitin, Dick Leonard Nyack 20 4 4 2 7 3
4 3 14786 Schwartz, Jon Don Schon, Paul Krzenski Shrewsbury 30 7 8 6 5 4
5 4 15406 Thompson, Dan  Austin Kana, Jamie Landi grant boat 30 3 7 7 3 10
6 5 15367 Harrington, George Art Gurrerz, Eric Habze Red Bank 32 6 6 3 4 13
7 6 15365 Watts, Dave Robert Watts, Ian Sanderson Red Bank 33 5 5 5 6 12
8 7 14073 Hurban, Gary Peter Fernberger, Henry Fernberger Nyack 38 8 2 9 12 7
9 8 15093 Hurban, Joan Judy Hanlon, Peter Jadrosich Nyack 48 15 9 8 10 6
10 14942 Moyer, Dick Helen Moyer, John Dpenbrock Riverton 50 12 14 11 8 5
11 15055 Hutchinson, Hugh Marc Venables, Jamie Perkins Riverton 50 9 11 10 9 11
12 9 14277 Beck, Eric Ann Beck, Chris Frackiewicz Nyack 56 13 10 14 11 8
13 10 15059 Mayo, Stephanie Bill Mayo, Paul Fishkin Nyack 57 10 13 12 13 9
14 11 14363 Decker, Larry Jan Crittenden, Shea Thorvaldsen Nyack 69 11 12 16 14 16
15 12 15319 Parietti, Dan Ronald McCormack, Minsoo Sung Nyack 73 14 16 13 15 15
16 13 15356 Avenia-Prol, Rachel Bob Prol, Anne Kochendorfer Nyack 76 16 15 15 16 14

There are some regattas where the wind blows a steady ten knots from one direction all day and you know what to expect going into it, and there are no big surprises throughout the day.  The Metropolitan Districts / Magnus Pederson out of Nyack was definitely NOT one of these regattas.  This was more of an ‘expect the unexpected’ regatta.

Saturday morning greeted the sixteen competitors with a five knot northerly and a flooding current (moving northward). It was just enough to lure the fleet out to the river for the breeze to shut down.  After a little bobbing a light easterly came up and a course was set.  This pattern would soon become the theme for the day.  The first race was a three leg windward leeward and saw a lot of turn over between the top four boats.  From the mix Jim Crane came out in the lead finding a bit of pressure on the left side of the last beat.  We finished second followed closely by Dan Thompson (Boat Grant Recipient!) and Bob Sengstacken.  During the sequence for the second race the wind took a hard right and came up from the south.  The race was called back and the course was shifted around again.  By the real start of the second race the wind had notched up to a beautiful eight knot southerly.  We won the second race after finding consistent pressure farther out on the river than the boats that played it closer to the shoreline.  We were followed by Gary Hurban in second and Jim Crane in third.  By the end of the race the wind had clocked further right to a south westerly and the speeds had dropped down to ‘light and variable.’

Despite the hopeless looks and glassy water, PRO Charlie Davidson played it patient and the fleet went back to another round of the waiting game.  Just before four things were looking like we had all our races for the day.  It wasn’t until the AP over A flags were literally in the hands of Charlie Davidson and a handful of boats had started making their way back out to the club that a solid 10 knot southerly came out of no where and quickly filled in across the river.  To the disbelief of everyone just five minutes earlier we would get two more races that afternoon.  Jim Crane would go on to win the third race and we won the fourth.

After a long day on the water and four races, Jim Crane lead the regatta with 7 points and we were a point behind.  With a very dubious forecast for Sunday all we could do was spend the night hoping for enough breeze to get another race in the next day.

It was another overcast day Sunday morning with a threatening look of rain.  But there was also just enough wind to once again drag everyone out to the racecourse and give it another go. It was a five knot southerly that could only have been sent by our lucky stars to give us the chance we were looking for.  We won the pin while the wind was in a left phase, and with Jim Crane right on our hip.  From there we worked our way up through the patches of pressure to round the top mark in first.  But we were not home free yet as the little wind we had was getting progressively lighter by the moment and threatening to leave us drifting the wrong way as the current was sucking us back to windward.  Soon the whole fleet was spread out across the river looking for hints of pressure and current relief.  Here our spinnaker trimmer, Alex Feldman, carried us to victory by keeping his cool through the whole run and keeping the constant flow of communication going.  We slowly made our way to the leeward mark and turned back upwind with the welcoming sight of the committee boat heading to the windward mark to shorten the course.  We crawled back upwind to win the race.  Jim Crane, resilient as ever, finished second to tie our scores up at nine points.  By the time the whole fleet had finished we had fallen back into another round of the waiting game.  After a half hour had passed, the water became a glassy calm and the clouds started dropping a light drizzle.  This time no breeze would come back up and eventually the races were called.

At the end of the weekend the Hudson had once again delivered a series packed with interesting racing. After everything was said and done we were tied for first with Jim Crane, but we won the tiebreaker with our three first places to his two.  In third place was local Bob Sengstacken followed by Jon Schwartz and Dan Thompson.
I would like to thank all the boats who traveled to Nyack for participating in this year’s Magnus Pederson, as well as the extremely patient PRO Charlie Davidson for taking the long haul and waiting for the wind to fill, Fleet 75 for running a smooth regatta, and also my phenomenal crew Alex Feldman and Mike Carney whom I could not have done without.  We are looking forward to seeing you all at Sodus Point this year!

-- Justin Coplan (winner 2 years in a row!! Last year as a Boat Grant recipient)