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With a constant wind from mistral average 5 / 6 m / sec, which confirms once again the excellent race course situated between the islands of Mothia and beautiful "Egadi," took place in front of the headquarters of the sailing club marsala third and fourth round of the Italian League and European Sailing Class LIGHTNING.
The races today have essentially confirmed the crews of the sailing club Marsala marsala: The first race was won Giacalone - PRINZIVALLI-May. It must be said that in the past Roberto Giacalone had won the European title in the Team class.
The second test is all gone 'current Italian champion Messina A. - Crucitti - Crucitti
So in light of the results so today is composed Leaderboard

For the European Championship:
2nd URS ON 13,790 WYLERS - Durr - Durr
3 ENG 15013 BONANNO I. F. LINARES - Tickets St.

For the Italian league:
1 ENG 13706 Giacalone R. - PRINZIVALLI P. - MAY G.
2nd ITA 15013 BONANNO I. F. LINARES - Tickets St.
3 ENG 15013 BONANNO I. F. LINARES - Tickets St.

As always, the high court jury chaired by Prof. Pasquale Teri International and President of the Caramel Genovese.
  "Two tests were difficult, but particularly in the second race, we managed to finally win the first position.
  "Consequently, as' as expected before, the crews of the sailing club Marsala Marsala - says the President of Ignatius Federvela Pipitone, - which confirms the high level of technical numerosa fleet lightning Marsala"
Tomorrow the racing continued with the dispute of the fourth and fifth test.

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The low wind on the race, has nullified the fifth trial of the Italian League and European sailing the Lightning Class. It is therefore postponed until tomorrow. Conquer the European and Italian title.
A breathtaking finale which sees in the running for the coveted title l 'euipaggio Marsala Giacalone, the Swiss Wyler el' crew of the Navy Military with helmsman Bonanno.
An exciting finish, with three good teams, which have showed good sailing, bringing the popular Class LIGHTNING, a boat of exception, which requires inspiration and skill to steer the maeglio, thanks to the thousand adjustments they need in the regular sails mainsail, jib and spy, together with skills and agility that requires a significant athletic.
So we wait to celebrate tomorrow unop of the three good teams.
Meanwhile the Chairman of the circle Alessandro Messina, you can enjoy the compliments for the excellent organization that once again the club has shown in 'organizing the best events.
"We confirm, if they were needed, as this club that I have the honor of representing, knowing how to organize and manage events such as Italian and European championships. Respond once again to trust that the Italian Federation and internationally has placed in us to dispute the championship. . As for the athletes competing have one of our crew for the European and Italian, it gives us many satisfactions. And 'the fruit of the amount of investment we make in the field of sailing and canoeing. Let us remember that Giacalone in the class' s team, about fifteen years ago conquered 'the European title .. Giacalone is an athlete who came out of our nursery. "
Finally satisfied with the honor of sporting the silver star on the sports that the cones gave the sailing club Marsala, ".... We honor the president continues Messina and encourages us even more 'to work with more and more' passion and commitment to the sport of sailing and canoeing. "
Also met the President of Federvela Ignatius Pipitone, for the success of the championships, but especially pleased that the dispute of the title are two crews Marsala.
Not by chance, in these days the cones has awarded the club Velico marsala silver star on the sports business for forty years and the results achieved in all these years.
This is proof that a Marsala sport of sailing is popular, has some clubs that promote the genuine passion, and when you work so much, the results often arrive. I am sorry for the current Italian champion and chairman of the circle Alessandro Messsina confirmed for not winning the Italian title, however there will be time to address during the next season.
Excellent, the jury chaired by Judge Teri international Pasquale and President of the Caramel Genovese.
Tomorrow championships will conclude with the last and decisive race for the award of the title.

L 'Ufficio Stampa