Hampton Fling
Hampton Yacht Club - Fleet 509
Hampton, Virginia
November 8–9, 2008
Pos Sail# Skipper Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total
1 15093 Joan Hurban Gary Hurban
Hughie Kent
2 [3] 1 1 1 1 3 9
2 14074 Trevor Prior Danielle Prior
Barb Hill
1 1 2 3 3 [4] 1 11
3 15118 Star Mikell Gene Shue
Carol Park
3 2 [4] 4 2 2 4 17
4 14968 Rebecca Dickerson Christina Fazio
Mark Fleckenstein
[4] 4 3 2 4 3 2 18
5 15228 David Thompson Barb Thompson
Catherine Calvin
5 5 5 [6/ DNS] 5 5 5 30

Congratulations to the Hurbans, scoring 4 bullets, a second, and a third to take first place with 9 points!

This was a wonderful way to end the 2008 Dixie District season, with 7 races over two days in moderate southwesterly winds on the Hampton Flats of the Elizabeth River in comfortable mid 60-degree temperatures. Saturday dawned sunny, but with a forecast of a band of rain showers passing through from west to east during the day, it soon turned darkly overcast, and as the first race of the day got underway, it started raining, and by the second windward leg it was pouring down hard, and visibility was minimal. Crews developed the technique of crossing under the boom before the boom came across on tacks, to avoid the deluge dropping off the shelf of the main as it came over. However, it started clearing after the first race, and by the 4th race the skies were clear. Sunday morning brought us more bright sunshine, with lighter winds, but we were still able to get in 3 races before it was time to come in.

PROs Malcolm and Kathy Brady and the Hampton YC Race Committee ran superb races for the assembled Lighting, 505, FJ and 420 fleets, starting the subsequent races for each fleet as soon as the last boat of that fleet crossed the finish line. Interestingly, the start pin was on the starboard side of the Line Boat, and the finish line on the port side, strategically positioned for downwind finishes and an easy set-up for the start of the next race.

The wind on Saturday was very consistent, in both speed and direction, running between 10 and 12 MPH from the SSW. On Sunday the lighter winds shifted quite a bit during the races, prompting Change-of-Course flags in each of the races, accompanied by movement of the windward mark first in a northerly direction, then in a southerly, and finally almost due south from the start line.

Rebecca Dickerson and crew traveled the farthest to get to Hampton, traveling more than 8 hours from Skaneateles, NY. Star and Trevor came down from Suusquehanna, and the Hurbans from Annapolis. The Thompsons made the shortest trip, from Washington DC. Unfortunately the Hampton Lighting Fleet was unable to sail, with its members on duty assignments for the weekend.

Competitors also enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Hampton YC members at the traditional end-of-season oyster roast at the home of Dave and Leigh Ann Chapman. All in all, it was a wonderful way to end our season.